Any solution is going to inevitably be temporary. Having a set of guiding questions that are asked over and over can help us continuously adjust dealing with the unpredictability of the all

From Book - Designing Regenerative Cultures - Daniel Wahl

In our learning journey of human survival and our quest for a thriving regenerative culture, all answers and solutions will at best be partial and temporary. Yet by asking the appropriate guiding questions repeatedly and entering into conversations about our collective future in all the communities we participate in, we may be able to find a set of patterns and guidelines that will help us to create a culture capable of learning and transformative innovation.

Guiding questions are a more useful way to chart such a continuous transformative path than fixed answers. This does not mean we do not have to propose answers and implement solutions; we simply have to be aware that they will only serve temporarily.

Created on: 2021-10-16 Inspired by: Daniel Christian Wahl Related: Embrace Uncertainty | experimental attitude . diversify–select–amplify