title: mentally rehearse fears -negative visualization-

If you see your fears over and over in your mind, you’ll be less scared and surprised when they come in real life

”Bushido (the samurai warrior ethos) demands not only are you prepared to die at any moment, but that you do so with honor. It is the most important thing a samurai could do. So even if the wound was fatal, how they handled themselves at that final moment was critical. The samurai set about mentally rehearsing every worst case scenario. An arrow to the neck, a sword stroke spilling out their entrails. They left no fear unexplored. Thus, when it came time for battle, they were as close to fearless as possible. So now imagine that same scary movie, and imagine that you have seen it 10 times. You are probably eating popcorn saying ‘here it comes, here it comes!’ You can do that with your fears. You play them out until the scene is familiar. What is familiar is a lot less scary. ” - Aubrey Marcus

Created on: 2020-09-16 Link: https://www.aubreymarcus.com/pages/go-for-your-win-course#/entry/conquer-fear-the-samurai-way Topics: fear | Stoicism | Imagination