What is Fear?

Danger and Fear are not the same. Danger is real, Fear is the anticipation of danger our symbolic minds project everywhere.

After some point Fear becomes a mental habits Many fears comes from a lack of Self Love and from aversion

  • Fear is not the same as concern
    • The latter has a sense of stability

Fear and attachment

Attachment creates a dependency, and dependency, because of its nature, intrinsically carries with it a fear of loss. From Book - Letting Go - David Hawkins

What Fear Does

Fear likes to wear masks

  • it shows up in forms like stress and anxiety
    • stress is the fear of failing to live up to expectations?
    • anxiety is a state of constant fearful anticipation.
    • The harsher your Inner Critic punishes you for not meeting expectations, the more stress and anxiety you will feel.
  • Sometimes, the fear of acting towards your goal may masks itself as non-attachment to a goal (Detachment makes you perform better)
    • It manages to prevent you from acting
    • You don’t even realize you’re not acting out of fear

Physical Reactions

  • sparks cortisol levels
  • Immune system dysfunction
  • Endocrine system dysfunction


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