title: Pitfalls of Modern Spirituality

Rob Burbea on Modern, Mainstream Buddhism in the West

  • Common western, consensus buddhism is so obsessed with the individual’s inner growth and path
    • End up missing the outer socio-economic-environmental crises
    • Can reinforce the sense of separation
  • Oneness lend itself to a kind of equanimity (that is held as THE goal)
  • Archetypes are extremely limited
    • Only calm Buddha, where is the warrior, the erotic?
    • That single archetype won’t be enough to fire up activists
  • The basis of Buddhist teaching (Four Noble Truths) focus on “healing of suffering”
  • Quieting, reducing or healing the Self
    • Different than growing the wildness, uniqueness, individuation of the Self
  • Mindfulness is one approach, we need flame, passion, sexuality and much more


Created on: 2021-03-21 Inspired by: Rob Burbea Link: Emerge Podcast #1: https://castbox.fm/vb/85859434 (Start at 41:00) Related: Buddhism | Book - Approaching Vajrayana - David Chapman

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