“All life on Earth is dependent on six inches of top soil” > From Video Why Regenerative Organic? | Part 1: Big Agriculture Is Broken Part 2: Soil Is the Solution

Carbon is not the enemy

  • It is the building block of life
  • We’re moving carbon from the soil into the atmosphere
  • Plants photosynthesis absorb carbon and transform it into carbohydrates
  • Then pump those carbs to the soil as nutrition for the soil

Soil Ecosystem Services

  • Healthy soils sequester carbon and use it to foster its microorganisms
    • Soil can sequester more carbon than plants and atmosphere combined
    • Rich soils produce more nutrient rich food
  • Damaged soils release carbon dioxide and water
    • Turns soil into dust (desertification)
  • No-till soil absorbs more water and carbon (improves water cycle)

Modern Agriculture is not Designed for Soil (or Human) Health

  • Tilling reduces soil’s biodiversity and makes soil release carbon
    • The more tilling, the worse the soils, the more farmers use pesticides and fertilizers
  • Pesticides kill microorganisms in the soils, in the food and in our microbiome

Practices for Healthy Soils

  • Composting
    • Chemicals and fertilizers suck all life out of the soil
  • No tillage
  • Perennials
  • Cover crops
  • Plant diversity
  • Special types of grazing and other animals’ involvement
    • Separating animal from plant farming was a terrible decision
    • Plants and animals are in symbiotic relationship (circular)

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