We learn about what’s important to us through our feelings. We learn about what we value.


  • Anger tells us that something important to us is blocked
  • fear, that something important to us is threatened
  • Shame, that we haven’t been living up to something important to us
  • Confusion, that we’re missing a conception of something important to us
  • and so on

Feeling Through and Reconciling

Feeling Through Emotions

feeling → appreciating → grappling → reconciling

Some feelings may point to opposing values, and that’s when we’re called to reconcile them

Someone who’s felt through all their situations has integrity. They’re grounded. Integrity means they know what’s important to them and they’ve grappled with all the conflicts.

Created on: 2021-05-11 Inspired by: Joe Edelman and Daniel Schmachtenberger Link: https://medium.com/what-to-build/what-are-feelings-d54a741ea134 Related: Emotions