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Agency intended as:

  1. Perception/Attention
  2. Understanding
  3. Action

Similar to Jordan Greenhall’s concept of Sovereignty


  • Ability to pay attention to what’s important

    • Especially today, technology and social media, are continuously trying to hijack our attention, spreading misinformation. Meditation can help us develop a memetic immune system
  • Meditation is not just about attention and calm

    • it also involves openness, curiosity, kindness and care
  • Stress and anxiety narrow our attention even more, making us more vulnerable to cognitive dissonance

  • The information we take in is affected by Cognitive Bias but we are often unaware of it


  • Improving our sense-making by helping us integrate our rational and intuitive intelligence
  • See things from a broader perspective and through different ones
    • We become less identified with our thoughts/beliefs etc…


  • Many of our actions are often reactive and conditioned by culture, not really stemming from conscious intentions

  • Meditation helps us interrupt living on automatic pilot and living with more purpose

    • Building better habits
  • The way meditation is currently taught is likely to be net-positive, but it could be a lot more powerful, if more integrated with things like ethics and compassionate action