4 types of biodiversity models

problems with current models:

  • invasive species not accounted for

  • not resilience

  • not tail-risks

  • metrics allowing for pluralism - creating a typology of tools for different use cases for investors

    • different types of decisions require different types of metrics, and then can be remixed based on the need
      • we cannot hope to capture biodiversity based on only one metric
        • we’ll need different ones for different types of risks

“Absolute species richness or species abundance relates more to geography than ecosystem health – a healthy tundra forest may have fewer species and less biomass than a highly degraded tropical rainforest. This means that global spatial products that only map biodiversity or species richness are less informative than datasets that focus on ecosystem properties related to their healthy functioning or conservation value.” (Rossi et al., 2024, p. 3)