• Genes are self-replicating machines with the ultimate goal of surviving and reproducing
    • Strong genes survive and weak ones die
      • Strong genes created cells to protect themselves from each other
      • Eventually they created ever-more complex organisms (plants and animals) for protection, survival and reproduction
  • A gene is a tiny part of the DNA (gene for blue eyes)
    • For each gene, each of us possesses the dominant one and the allele
  • The DNA is made of 46 chromosomes and is present in each cell of our body
    • The DNA is like the MasterPlan of a Building, and our body is the building

The master plan is contained in every room (cell) of the building (body)

Why Selfishness Survives

  • Group selection theory argues that groups that were more altruistic and better able to cooperate would survive over groups whose individuals were selfish and could not cooperate
    • That seems true, BUT, within those groups the more selfish people who deceived others into thinking they were altruistic would have a better chance of survival and reproduction (they would cheat on wives etc…)

The Same Things Happened Society Wide (Daniel Schmachtenberger)

Peaceful cultures (Jaininsm) and memes got wiped out or didnt spread - Propagative memes propagate more than true memes

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