The goal is important only as an idea, the essential thing is the work that brings us towards the goal. Carl Jung

We cannot totally rid of goals

  • Goals are everywhere in our lives (we may not frame them that way)
    • Driving, you have the “goal” to reach somewhere without getting into an accident
    • Maintaining a relationship
  • The problems is not with goals
  • Problems arise due to the Ego’s measurement and comparisons with others (comparison trap)
    • Notion of success invites that of failure
  • We need a healthy attitudes toward goals
  • Goals give our life nobility and meaning
  • Sometimes our problem is not that we have too much desire bu that we don’t have enough (Talks - Beauty of Desire - Rob Burbea)
    • We are not passionate enough about anything
    • We are distracted by many meaningless desires

Goals in Buddhism

  • The Buddha used the word striving a lot in the sutras
  • He acknowledges that in the process of striving there will be dissatisfaction, and that’s ok
    • That can be included
  • Right Effort
  • 4 Bases of Success
    • Desire
    • Persistence
    • Full attentiveness
    • Ingenuity


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