addiction is a signal of a less healthy and sovereign society

Can we Fix Our Democracy?

We need to all get supereducated

  • Real Democracy emerged following cultural enlightenment with few things in common
    • Athenian democracy
      • Stoicism - emotional regulation (argue without emotions getting involved), have the courage to disagree
      • socratic method - take each other’s perspective
      • Aristotle - Logic, rhetoric and History
  • Idea of Memetic immune system (emotionally as well) as an antidote to Memetic Virus spread through social media

Any Alternatives?

  • Idea of enlightened AGI Global Monarch
    • Monarchy (and dictatorships) is better at long term planning because
      • there are no incentives to do short term wins for re-elections
      • Concern for sons of king → more concern for future

The value of uncertainty for sense-making

Created on: 2020-10-07 Creator: Daniel Schmachtenberger Link: Topic (tags): Decision-Making Related Media: Film - The Social Dilemma