title: Podcast - Rob Burbea on Emerge

A Spiritual Paradigm for The Infinite Game (Ep #1)

Spiritual Industrial Complex - Daniel Thorson (Start at 41:00)

  • Traditional Dharma is not creating the people set up to radically change the World
    • Not able to do the social-political work that the world needs
    • Reduces the journey to healing one’s own traumas
  • pitfalls of modern spirituality and attitudes

Meditation Fantasies & The Soulmaking Dharma (Ep #3)

Meditation Fantasies and Questioning Reality

On Emerge Podcast # 3

What is the point of practice?

  • Up to each person to decide
  • Many people don’t fully articulate it to themselves
Fantasies in Meditation
  • Medical Model (most common)

    • Meditating to heal
    • 4 Noble Truths → Reducing suffering
    • Rest on many assumptions
      • Primacy of brain functioning (materialist view of the world)
      • What reality is, what the world is
  • Sense of Sacredness or Beauty (Artistic)

    • Seeing the practice as Art and doing it for its own sake
  • Research Approach

    • Practicing to discover things about oneself or consciousness
  • They can all co-exist at the same time in different proportion

  • None of them is wrong

    • They can become constricting if taken too seriously
    • They are fantasies after all
  • The power of concepts, teachings and frameworks

    • If no one ever introduced you to the possibility of sacredness, you may never experience it as it may not be in your framework
  • Medical model can become neutering or stagnant after some time

    • Once suffering has been reduced the being wants other things
    • Erotic is often left out
      • Some people feel neutered by spiritual practice

Questioning Reality

  • Reality seen as unquestionable (almost as a prison)
    • We have to learn to be ok with “what is”
  • Meditation can be a training to help us question the nature of reality
    • Open the range of what we can perceive
  • Different “ways of looking

Rob Burbea