Episode 1

Episode 2 (War on Sense-Making 4)

  • Pandemic Considerations
    • Is it possible that the US slow response was simply incompetence?
    • Or is it possible for some interests to have contributed to such a slow response?
      • Hedge Funds selling stocks at a high in February and shorting stuff
    • We don’t know but it’s something to think about
  • Getting comfortable with uncertainty, but also seeking more and more certainty
    • Some laws of physics we can be pretty certain of, until they are disproved.

Episode 3 (War on Sense-Making 5)

  • Almost no consensus among people on some of the most consequential issues in the world (climate change, covid, wars)

  • Democracies seem to have emerged following a period of cultural enlightenment (Renaissance, Greeks)

    • times when people were being trained in taking each other’s perspectives
    • democracies break down relatively quickly
      • hard to keep a population well educated, informed and engaged in the democratic system
      • with generations moving on, populations forget what it was like before democracy and get lost in their own personal issues
      • Idea of Information Commons
  • Markets uncontrolled will produce terrible consequences for long term, they’ll create a market for human trafficking etc…

    • Government’s role is to watch the predatory aspects of the market.
    • People’s role is to watch the government and make sure they do their job.
  • Most people are certain about their beliefs.

Created on: 2020-10-10 Creator: Daniel Schmachtenberger Link: Topic (tags): sense-making