Sovereignty relates to the capacity for and demonstration of good (omni-positive) choice-making. We can define sovereignty more formally as the product of sentience, intelligence, and agency. Daniel Schmachtenberger

Sovereignty is the capacity to take responsibility. It is the ability to be present to the world and to respond to the world — rather than to be overwhelmed or merely reactive. Sovereignty is to be a conscious agent. Jordan Greenhall

  • Sentience: making sense of the world (awareness, empathy, sensitivity, compassion)

    • Archetype: Bodhisattva
  • Intelligence: Systems Thinking, capacity for abstraction, design thinking

    • Archetype: Polymath
  • Agency: will, drive, responsibility, purposefulness, discipline, resilience, impulse control, courage, focus

    • Archetype: world-creator (all powerful)

Sovereignty as the volume created by the three axis and most limited by the least developed axis