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  • One month of retreat, full-time practice is not too much to learn the first Jhana
    • It can take more
  • Focusing the practice at the edge of on one’s practice (your playground)
  • If you can get to the first Jhana, all of them are open to you
  • New version: If you can get to a (pleasurable) state of Piti, all Jhanas are open to you
    • It doesn’t matter how Piti arises
  • Go with whatever practice makes it easiest for well-being to arise
  • Jhana practice includes dealing with
    • Hindrances
    • Goals
    • Difficult emotions

Jhanas and Happiness

  • Jhanas are dependent on happiness → While also leading to happiness
  • Cultivating happiness and taking care of the heart
    • Orienting towards gratitude and appreciation (feeling it)
    • Beauty
    • Connection (with each other, nature)
    • Openness
    • Cultivating a (soulmaking) fantasy of the retreat

Malleability and Inertia

  • Jhanas are dependent on malleability → While also leading to malleability
    • Watching out for inertia and old habits in practice