title: Tao Te Ching 18 - When the Tao is forgotten

Book - Tao Te Ching - Lao Tzu

Stephen Mitchell Translation

When the great Tao is forgotten, goodness and piety appear1.

When the body’s intelligence declines2, cleverness and knowledge step forth.

When there is no peace in the family, filial piety begins.

When the country falls into chaos, patriotism is born3.

1: Truly Good is Unconscious of Being Good 2: Intuition (implicit learning) 3: Patriotism is often used to manipulate 4: Yin Yang

Other translations

- Ursula Le Guin

In the degradation of the great way come benevolence and righteousness. With the exaltation of learning and prudence comes immense hypocrisy. The disordered family is full of dutiful children and parents. The disordered society is full of loyal patriots

- Stephen Addiss & Stanley Lombardo

Great Tao rejected: Benevolence and righteousness appear. Learning and knowledge professed: Great Hypocrites spring up. Family relations forgotten: Filial piety and affection arise. The nation disordered: Patriots come forth.